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ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion


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Intro to CrossFit

Do you want to try CrossFit but are worried you aren't fit/strong enough or that it's too technical?
Then CrossFit Narellan's "Introduction to CrossFit" program is perfect for you!

Monday and Wednesday nights at 5:30pm and, 

Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm

What is the program?

A four week program run twice a week designed for people who've never tried CrossFit. You will
learn all of the CrossFit movements in a safe environment with other beginners.
Each one hour class will involve:

▪ a warm up;
▪ a skill/movement coaching session;
▪ a work out, and
▪ a cool down.

Safety is our main concern at CrossFit Narellan so each skill session will be focused on technique
and good quality movement. After the skills session you will be confident you can do the movement
safely and effectively during a workout.

Each workout during the program will be challenging but self-paced and you will get to use the
skills you've just learnt. You will record your workouts and in a few months' time when you repeat
that workout will be able to see your fitness results. You will be amazed at how far you've come in
a short period of time.

After the cool down you will feel great and look forward to your next session.
After your first six weeks you will be ready to step straight into the group classes.
Still not sure? Hear from one of our newest clients Vanessa.

My testimonial 

On the 26th of January I signed up to CrossFit Narellan. Prior to this I had never stepped foot in a
gym let alone signed up to one. I never felt like I belonged there. I also used time as an excuse.
Actually I would use anything as an excuse - kids, work.....
I go four times a week now and I've gained an extended family. Not only do coaches Jay and Russ
encourage me and get excited when I succeed at something that challenges me, but so does
everyone else I train with in the gym.
It's the environment that keeps me coming back. Yes it's about me and what I want to achieve, but
it certainly helps to have a cheer squad to encourage me as well.
Vanessa (business owner and mother of three)

What are you waiting for?
Sign up now and get your first week free!

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24 Graham Hill Rd, Narellan NSW 2567

Phone: 0403 749 183

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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